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Hello friends & fellow caffeine addicts! Let me introduce myself, I'm Ann or as my friends and family affectionately call me, Annie. I couldn't decide which career path to take, so I decided to combine all three of my passions into a career. I'm a photographer and graphic designer, with a splash of digital marketing in there as well. 



Photography has always been a passion of mine for a long time. I remember getting my first digital camera in high school, and it was a hot pink Fuji Film FinePix Z. I made sure to get the matching hot pink faux leather carrying case for it so I could take it everywhere with me! Over a decade later and that passion for photography has only grown stronger. Photographing concerts and promotional photos for bands/musicians morph two of my passions together.  However, I truly do love working with families & couples to capture life's sweetest moments.


When people ask me how I got into design, I like to tell them "design found me". Cliche as it sounds, it truly did. I took a few college courses in psychology, business, and even religious studies in my first couple of years and nothing really stuck with me. I enjoyed those courses, but it wasn't something I wanted to potentially make a career out of. I finally took a photography and photoshop class the final semester of my second year and that's when I was introduced to design. From there, I immersed myself in it! From typography to color theory, branding to print production. And everything in between! 

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