4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Autumn for Photos!

And the reasons why autumn portraits are so magical!

Fall family photos in Albany NY

I know, everyone loves those beautiful orange and brown tones of fall. I do too! The leaves, the pumpkins, the lattes - I love it all. But you can get equally as beautiful images during the rest of the year. In upstate New York, we're gifted with all four seasons! That means at any given time of the year, your photos will have a complete look and feel to them.


Winter gets a pretty bad rep here, which is rather unfair in my opinion. The beautiful thing about winter photos is the color palette that you have access to! These photos were taken near the Catskill Mountains at golden hour, so there's this beautiful contrasting color palette of blues, grays, and oranges happening. As blue hour began to creep up on us, the color palette began to shift to more of a monochromatic palette. Featuring various shades of blue and grey, tied together with winter white snow. Coincidentally, Curtis also happened to be sporting the same color palette.

Winter photos can be extremely beautiful and really quite romantic (I'm talking to those couples out there!). No better excuse to snuggle up and get cozy with each other. When it's 30° out and it begins to flurry, get close and keep each other warm.

Family photos can be a blast in the snow! Get the kids bundled up and have a snowball fight, chase each other in the snow, and when it's all done, warm up with some hot chocolate.


Everything is in bloom, the weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. What's not to love about spring! There's a sense of renewal as flowers begin to bloom and the pastels that are occurring naturally seem very nostalgic to me. I'm a big fan of doing photos in spring. The grey skies offer this wonderful even lighting that every photographer is chasing after. Even during those rainy or foggy April days, you can get some truly whimsical, moody, and unique portraits.


Quite possibly the season we all look forward to the most. Warm sunshine, bright vibrant colors, long days, and for the kids - no school! I won't argue, summer is great in New York and it definitely doesn't stick around long enough. Summer photos are fun, timeless, and they will never go out of style. Summer is a greater time for graduation, family photos, or a fun date night idea!


Cozy sweaters, fields, boots, and the colors - truly a recipe for stunning keepsake photos. There’s something about the changing of the seasons, the start of school, and the fast-approaching holiday season that puts a general feeling of excitement into the air. Beyond that excitement, can we talk about the clothing options? Once autumn rolls around, your wardrobe options expand dramatically. It’s still sunny enough to slip in some warmer options, but not too hot to wear something long-sleeved or heavier if you prefer. Furthermore, as the weather gets cooler during fall, you can start to incorporate cozy accessories such as beanies and scarves into your family’s portrait outfits. Fall photos make for perfect holiday gifts for the grandparents and they also achieve that picture-perfect holiday greeting photo!

All in all, you don't have to wait until autumn to have those photos done (of course if you're looking for that fall vibe that's totally understandable). In New York, we have all four seasons to take advantage of for fun, unique, and timeless photos. Each season has something unique and different to offer. So, while we patiently wait for the winter season to blanket New York in a lovely layer of snow, book your winter session with me today!

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