The Voyager Gown

New York State Museum at Sunset, Albany NY

The Voyager Gown

What is it? It's a collaborative effort by both designers, models, and photographers and it all starts with a group on Facebook. The Voyager Gown is lead by the talented Tammy, a photographer, and a businesswoman located in West Edmonton. Canada. Tammy organizes every detail about The Voyage Gown, the designers, the times, the information and more! Shout out to Tammy for your hard work.

This gown was created by Michelle Bossert of Enchanted Ever After and was then shared with photographers & models (think Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). The gown started in Alberta, Canada, then it made its way through various regions in Canada, then to little ole me in New York.

The Gown

This two-piece gown was this gorgeous shade a yellow that was perfect against the October sunset we were gifted with that evening. The top was a long piece of fabric that could be folded, wrapped, or tied in a variety of different ways to achieve the desired look. This both challenging and perhaps my favorite part of the gown. It opened up the opportunity to make this style your own. We opted for a cross halter cropped look. The bottom was this very full skirt that had an incredible amount of fabric to the back that made for very playful and whimsical photos!

The Look

The incredibly talented Zoë did her hair and makeup that evening. Talk about a triple threat! We complimented the yellow gown with a bold blue metallic shadow with heavy eyeliner and nude lip shade. It was stunning!

The Location

I had a very specific vision in mind, I wanted the gown to be in a place that you wouldn't typically see such a gown. What better place than the Empire State Plaza!? The Empire State Plaza is located in the heart of downtown Albany, NY and exists because of the vision of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller. He wanted to create "the most electrifying capital in the world." The Empire State Plaza consists of various steel and reinforced concrete buildings, all clad in imported stone. This seemed like an excellent contrast for the whimsical nature of this gown.

I Love NY, Albany NY

The Experience

It was such an honor to be apart of The Voyager Gown! Initially, the gown was supposed to stay in Canada, but the organizer, Tammy D., was gracious enough to include this New Yorker! There were so many talented people behind this project and it was incredible to see everyone's vision for the gown and how different they all were. Thank you to all those who were involved! This was an incredible experience I'll never forget.

Equipment used: Canon 6D Mark II, Canon 70-200mm 2.8 II, Canon 16-35mm 2.8 III, & Sunpak DF4000U

Coordinator: Tammy D. - The Voyager Gown

Gown: Michelle Bossert - Enchanted Ever After

Hair and Makeup: Bold Beauty with Zoe Model: Zoë Taylor

© 2019 Ann Kielbasa | AK Photography & Design

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